Announcing: Rapping With Paul White

by Alex Chase

Paul White’s first vocal hip-hop album has been a long time in the making. We are very proud to announce Rapping With Paul White, featuring the incredible beats of the UK producer and a cast of his favourite MCs: Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Marv Won, Homeboy Sandman, Jehst, Tranqill and Moe Pope. There’s a folk singer too, Nancy Elizabeth, reading a peculiar poem. Look out for the first single, Trust ft. Guilty Simpson, dropping here next week. Read more here.

Rapping With Paul White

1. Intro: We Make A Lot Of Noise
2. Right On
3. Trust ft. Guilty Simpson
4. Run Shit ft. Marv Won
5. One Of Life’s Pleasures ft. Danny Brown
6. The Doldrums
7. Life Is Flashing Interlude
8. Stampeding Elephants ft. Moe Pope
9. Rotten Apples ft. Tranqill
10. Thirty Days
11. A Weird Day ft. Homeboy Sandman
12. African New Wave
13. Indigo Glow ft. Jehst
14. Dirty Slang ft. Guilty Simpson
15. A New Way
16. Evasive Action
17. Wily Walruses ft. Nancy Elizabeth
18. Outro: We’ll Never End

A&R/Management by Alex Chase
Mastered by Mandy Parnell
Illustration by Penny Davenport
Design by Made In Earnest
Vinyl Distribution by Rush Hour

Special Thanks to Carhartt


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